About Totem Steel International, Inc.

Totem Steel International is a steel and forest products trading company located in Portland, Oregon. The company was founded in 1998 and is 100% owned by its founder, Mr. JR Meyers. Totem’s primary business is trading and distribution of flat rolled steel products. The Totem Forest Products Division was added in 2005 to further diversify product offerings using a similar business model.

Totem’s core business is built around a group of traders, with extensive steel and wood products experience. The strategy for the company is to focus on long established relationships both on the supply and the sales side of the business. The average Totem customer has worked with one of our traders in the company for many years, with several dating back well before the establishment of the company. Totem sells almost exclusively to end user manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada with an emphasis on niche products and/or services. The majority of Totem’s sales are to customers who manufacture residential HVAC products, metal buildings, carports, garage doors, entry doors, metal furniture, steel shelving, steel drums, and coil tubing for the energy sector.

Totem sources steel primarily from steel mills in Asia. Primary countries of origin are China, India, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Brazil. Additionally the company purchases products from several mills in the U.S. and Mexico. Internationally, Totem works through a network of agents who have also been associated with the company for many years. The strategy is to maintain direct contact with key people at all of the mills who supply steel to Totem on a regular basis. Accordingly, the company invests significant time for travel to maintain these relationships and provide for efficient and effective communication.

In summary, Totem is well connected and well positioned to add value in the supply chain from mill to customer – with significant advantages to all parties along the way.

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